Welcome to Kuk Sool Won of the Quad Cities!

We believe in the principles that are associated with a traditional martial arts system.  Those principles are just as important today as they were hundreds of years ago.  The Hwarang Do or Korean Warriors lived by these codes and today many of us still believe and live by them:

  • Loyalty to one's country
  • Honor and respect towards one's parents
  • Trust and sincerity in friendship
  • Courage --- never to retreat in the face of the enemy
  • Justice --- never to take a life without cause.

Along with a code to live by, one must develop personal characteristics such as Virtue, Trust, Intelligence, Courage and Discipline.

We help individuals to develop these characteristics by providing highly trained, certified and safe instruction to you and your family members using Traditional Korean Martial Arts.  The instructors team is lead by Master Jeff Green who has been teaching Kuk Sool Won in the Midwest since 1985.  Kuk Sool Won is a systematic study of all the traditional fighting arts of Korea.  The system includes but is not limited to:

  • Hand Striking
  • Leg Techniques
  • Throwing and Grappling
  • Joint-Locking Techniques
  • Falling Techniques and Acrobatics
  • Cardio and Body Conditioning
  • Animal-Style Techniques
  • Traditional Korean Weapons
  • Martial Art Healing Methods
  • Meditation and Breathing Techniques

As you can see, Kuk Sool Won covers an extensive variety of techniques and martial arts methods, but it is not merely concerned with the physical methods of attack and defense.  Kuk Sool Won includes the study of healing techniques, the development of internal power, and physical conditioning.  Training in Kuk Sool Won also helps to instill self-confidence and self discipline, a calm self-assurance, and the psychological and spiritual values which are traditionally associated with the martial character.  Mental and physical well-being is of primary importance in Kuk Sool Won.